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February Farm Update

We've been busy!

Rob & I are excited to be finally coming out of our winter season-- it's been a long, cold, & tough one for us. Despite the wet weather we've been having, I managed to prepare the field for early spring transplanting. After being chisel plowed, sub-soiled & hilled earlier this winter, I was able to apply fertilizer and mix it in with the rotary tiller (below). This part of the field we will plant with cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, chard, lettuce, spinach, & herbs.

Spring tilling

Meanwhile, Tasha, our right-hand-gal on the farm, has been busy seeding in the greenhouse. We seed our first round of transplants the third week of January. We have some that are just about ready to come out of the greenhouse and harden-off outside. They should be in the ground this week or next!

Early spring in the greenhouse

We planted carrots two weeks ago now, and they are starting to germinate! The weeds were also excited to get a headstart, so I went ahead and ran the hoe through the planting before they got out of hand.

Also, in the background, you might notice our new caterpillar tunnels we recently ordered from Farmer's Friend. We'll be planting in them this week.

Hoeing carrots, with new tunnels in the background

Despite the wind, we were able lay our plastic mulch this past Thursday. Now that this is done, we are ready to set our transplants in the field! I'm definitely sleeping a lot better and watching the weather forecast a bit less.

Pictured below is the Breeze Incubator Farm's plastic mulch layer with a roll of drip irrigation on the top. We're experimenting with using biodegradable plastic mulch this year for our short-season crops. It's a lot more expensive, but we'll save time & money not having to pull it up and bring it to the landfill. :)

Plastic mulch

Lastly, we're finishing up our Spring CSA sign-ups... We still have some spots left and are hoping to fill them in the next couple weeks!

Spring CSA Box

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