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March Farm Update

Gosh, it's been a wild spring here for us! With the 60 mph winds, snow storms and unusually cold temperatures, mother nature has given us a run for our money. We are still on schedule with our spring planting, and things are looking not too worse for wear out in the field. I'm confident the weather will break soon. When it does, we'll be ready for it!

The greenhouse was full of transplants, but now the last of our early spring plants have all been transplanted out in the field. Here's a few pictures of transplanting spinach.

We love growing carrots at Sugar Hill Produce, but they are certainly a labor of love. This planting we're working on here was planted the second week of February.

Back in the greenhouse, we're getting ready for summer! It sure does feel like we skipped a season...

It takes a good bit of planning to keep everything rolling smoothly on the farm. Here I am receiving a delivery of organic fertilizer for our summer field.

It's not just the plants that think it might be spring... our bees have been hard at work building up their colonies for the spring nectar flow.

Here's one last shot from the tractor-- the potatoes have been planted, and all that was left was covering up the seed pieces with the tractor.

In the next few weeks we're looking forward to the start of our Spring CSA, the arrival of our new employee, and many many warmer days ahead. Stay tuned!

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