April Farm Update

With this CSA starting this week, there's been a lot happening since I last posted something here. Our spring transplants have been in the ground for several weeks now, and many are ready to harvest. We'll have lettuce heads, kale, chard, broccoli, cabbages, napa, and cauliflower in coming weeks.

Here's some of our spinach that we transplanted about 4 weeks ago. It's ready for market, restaurants, & CSA!

Our Carrots are also finally starting to look like carrots! They should be ready in a few weeks.

Our strawberries are looking on point this year. We're keeping a close eye on them to make sure the raccoons don't eat them all this year.....

And finally, we're going to be setting out all of our summer plants in the next couple of weeks, since, as of this morning, all danger of frost has past!

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