Farmer's Choice

veggie box

Eight pounds of our very finest tomatoes delievered to your door! 


         We carefully select the best of what is available from our fields each week. Our tomatoes come in several varieties & colors. Our tomatoes are harvested at peak ripeness, and stored at 65 degrees. Some of the tomatoes you will recieve will be ripe and ready. Others might do better to stay out on your counter for a day or two until soft to the touch. Since we grow varieties that are yellow, red, pink, purple, green, and stripey, you should not assume that a tomato you receive from us is unripe because it is not red. All our tomato varieties we have chosen because they are the ones we love to eat— we hope that you enjoy them as well!


Tomato Box- August 8


    Fresh, local, veggies delivered right to your door. Boxes may vary in selection from week to week, but all boxes will be of the same $20 value with a $6 delivery fee. 

    Sorry, we are unable to honor any requests or substitutions, but promise to get you the very best we have to offer. 


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